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Case of the Month

Case of the Month

The JANUARY 2018 Case of the Month is: A 44 Y.O WOMAN WITH CHEST PAIN.

Show & Tell

Show & Tell

The JANUARY 2018 Show & Tell is an unknown case illustrating a web adaptation of the PACS dynamic diagnostic mode.

JANUARY 2018 Editorial

The answer to the DECEMBER 2017 Case of the Month is:GRANULOMATOSIS WITH POLYANGIITIS (GPA)

The Winners are:

Tony Baker MD USA
Amit Chopra MD USA
Zeyad Fadhl MD Yemen
Vincent Gressak MD Slovakia
Jonathan Higginbotham MD USA
P. Mascarel MD France
Alex Marron MD USA
Erick Maxfield MD USA
Maria Isabel Silva MD Colombia
Chelsea Samson MD USA
Haiying Zang MD China

The JANUARY 2018 Case of the Month is A 44 Y.O WOMAN WITH CHEST PAIN.

The DECEMBER 2017 Show and Tell is: a tutorial on basic signs on CRX


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Lifelong Learning

All our programs at CIDER are based on the Lifelong Learning process. Lifelong Learning insures the solid acquisition of knowledge. It places the student in the center of the learning adventure, and makes him responsible for his education. The exacting tutor becomes a mentor to the student. Emphasis shifts from memorizing facts to understanding concepts. “Solo cramming”, and competitive testing are replaced by expressive sharing, and self-evaluation. The concept of Lifelong Learning is no stranger to medicine. Abraham Flexner’s writings(1), and The Yale System of Medical Education(2), are early Twentieth Century examples.


1.Flexner A. Medical Education. A comparative study. New York, NY: The Macmillan Company; 1925. p. 181-186.

2.The Yale System of medical education.- Visited 01/01/08